Struggling with Real Estate terminology?
Worried you may not pass the State exam?
Need help with Math?


     Inland Real Estate School, provides tutoring sessions to all students in the State of Illinois, that are designed to answer any questions that may arise out of material learned in their IL 90 Hour Broker Pre-license, 30 Hour Broker Post License and 45 Hour Managing Broker Pre-license class with us or any other school. The student may also choose to use the session to prep for the standardized IL State and National exam for the State of Illinois or if chose, for our final exams at Inland, so tutoring is entirely based on student need and is customized.

     You may choose to participate in the classroom or online. During registration indicate you want to do your Tutoring session from home (online). If you cannot make any of the times listed below, please email us at the email listed below as we have insturctors that can work around your schedule as well.

     After the tutoring is finished, the student should expect a greater understanding of any real estate concept they may have be struggling with, whether it be math, laws or terminology. Sessions may be one-on-one or in a group setting. Registration is a la carte, so choose 1 hour or more, whatever you need, we have qualified instructors ready to provide you with the answers you need either in a face to face session within our office or a live on-line session. There are day, night or evening sessions for your convenience.

     In order to gain the greatest advantage from this program, respond to the tutoring questionnaire provided by the school during registration. It will give the instructor a clear understanding of what you want to cover, so they can prepare in advance, and so you both have the same expectation as to what the student would like to accomplish, and ultimately, you get the most out of the tutoring session. Should there be more than one participant; the instructor will coordinate the material content in order to facilitate the needs of all participating in an individualized fashion. The instructor will customize the session for each student based on the information the student provided during registration, as to what they would like to gain additional information on, and the teacher will provide additional materials if needed to facilitate a better understanding of the defined concepts. Additionally, if you do not want to meet with our instructor at our office, but prefer to do it from home (online), please indicate that when you register online and send an email to: special.requests@inlandreschool.com. *Note: you will need an internet connection, some type of computer and speakers/web cam so the teacher can hear you, you may also choose to type your questions in the text-box as well, but at minimum you must have a computer, and speakers to have a successful online tutoring session!

As always, let us know if we can do anything additional to assist your learning needs! Your Success is Our Success! -Inland Real Estate School


$75.00 per hour

Contact the school office to Register

(877) 990-8409


Tuition: $75.00 per hour


After Registering Online, students will receive an email confirmation, stating that their Registration was accepted, and Receipt of Registration information will be sent. In addition to the Receipt, in that same email, you will get directions indicating: where to park & how to enter the building to attain your visitor’s badge. Please read those directions closely.


If a student needs to cancel their tutoring session, written notification must be received by the school office not less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled session to: special.requests@inlandreschool.com.  If written notice is sent and received to that email address, the student shall be entitled to a full refund.

No refunds shall be granted within 48 hours of the scheduled tutoring appointment.

The School reserves the right to cancel any tutoring session at any time for any reason.

The cancelation of any tutoring session by the School shall result in a full refund of all fees paid by student(s).

The school will make every effort to notify students of a cancellation in advance of the session start date and time.

The School reserves the right to substitute an instructor at any time.