The Illinois Real Estate Educational Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing and promoting the concept of real estate education throughout Illinois. REEF is funded entirely through donations from both the private and public sector. The objective is to provide a central clearinghouse for scholarships designated to support individuals seeking to build a career in real estate. Scholarship funds are available to a wide variety of individuals, whether seeking a college degree or an opportunity to make real estate the focus of their future.

     Listed below are the available scholarships. Pointing and clicking on the scholarship name will open the detail pages regarding that particular scholarship.

Jim Kinney

Scholarship awarded to the children and grandchildren of individuals who hold a current membership in the Illinois Association of REALTORS and National Association of REALTORS.

Roxanne Malo Leadership

Scholarship awarded to selected individuals for the continuation and expansion of their leadership skills real estate related fields. Funds are awarded with the stipulation that are used solely for study or training related to the leadership in real estate related field.

Illinois Minority Real Estate

Scholarship used for the payment of tuition, fees and books by individuals were members of a minority class.

George L. Patt

$1000 scholarship for use by Illinois residents who are veterans interested in pursuing formal education within the real estate industry.

     Inland Real Estate School is not affiliated with REEF.  The school is providing information regarding available scholarships through REEF which is affiliated with the Illinois Association of REALTORS.